Values-based education


Holistic education

Because we take a holistic approach to education, we nurture character development and spirituality.  In our special values education program we highlight the importance of wise decision making and focus on positive values. Through fostering leadership skills and respect for others, students develop into well-rounded and responsible citizens.  Lively weekly chapel services, class devotionals and biblical studies classes focus on Christian values and aim to develop self-worth and social responsibility.  

One of our primary aims within the Seventh-day Adventist school system is that we help your child develop strength of character and hold sound, Christian principles. Your child will experience activities and lessons through programs and opportunities that are designed to teach the value of life and respect for others and themselves.

Service and leadership-oriented education

Your child will have the opportunity to participate in several programs which offer involvement in the local community and provide students with life-changing experiences. Our school also presents students with many opportunities to develop an understanding for the needs of others through classroom projects for various charities, visits to neighbouring nursing homes and several other programs. Some of the specific programs at Cairns Adventist College include:

  • Peer 'buddy' tutoring program (lunch play activities for younger children)

  • Student Representative Council provides leadership opportunities. 

  • Organise events and functions – learn organisation skills through ownership of entire projects.

Every child has an opportunity to lead in some way. From these programs your child will learn leadership skills that inspire others into action through enthusiasm and a positive approach to life. 


Valuing diversity

The student body in our College is made up from a diversity of backgrounds and every student is taught respect for others and their beliefs. We embrace every individual in our College community. Cairns Adventist College children have the opportuinty to develop meaningful friendships and share experiences that will develop their character.


Fostering Values

Using our focus on the Bible and developing a relationship with Jesus, we are able to help your child foster the values that will shape their character into adulthood. Whether your child is a Seventh-day Adventist, or follows another faith, the values taught within the Seventh-day Adventist education system will help them develop a compassionate, caring nature with strong values and wisdom.

Through teaching and personal example our teachers will help your child learn wise decision-making, respect for and acceptance of others, cooperation, willingness to meet new challenges, desire to help those in need, value for oneself and the desire to learn.