Cairns Adventist College is an Independent School and part of the world wide Seventh-day Adventist Schools system. Our College started as an Adventist Primary school in 1950.

CAC is the oldest Christian school in the Cairns area and it has grown slowly throughout the years. It was originally sited in a small house in the Cairns city. The house was then moved to another property where the school remained for several years until the school moved to Gatton Street to be on the same premises as the Cairns Seventh-day Adventist Church. In 2013, the decision was made to re-locate the school to accommodate growth and suitable land was purchased in Gordonvale. Building commenced on this new land shortly after and the school, on its new site, officially commenced 27th October 2014. CAC, is situated on 26 acres and surrounded by cane fields. It is a very picturesque setting and we have a great view of the ‘Walsh’s Pyramid’.

CAC provides a quality, private Christian education for students from all sectors of our community, catering for families from a wide range of Christian denominations as well as people with no religious affiliation. The student catchment area is wide ranging and extends from Holloways Beach in the North, Babinda in the South and Yarrabah to the East. We run a fleet of 4 buses that provide transport for students with a door to door service.

Cairns Adventist College, Gordonvale is recognized by both the Government of Queensland and the Seventh-day Adventist Education System. Certificates of Registration and Accreditation are on display in our Administration Reception area.

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