Administration & Structure


Most people are unaware that, aside from the Catholic education system, the Seventh-day Adventist education system is the largest denominational Christian education system in the world. The worldwide Seventh-day Adventist education system includes preschools, primary schools, high schools and tertiary institutions right around the globe. There are in excess of 7,800 schools and approximately 100 tertiary institutions, catering for approximetely 1.6 million students worldwide!

In Australia there are approximately 50 Seventh-day Adventist schools, with over 30 Early Learning Centres, and one tertiary Institution, Avondale College, catering for over 12,000 students. In North Queensland the School System is coordinated by our office in Townsville and Australia-wide coordination is through the head office located in Melbourne.  

Cairns Adventist College, as part of the Adventist Schools Australia system, is currently registered and accredited through the Queensland Non-State Schools Accreditation Board.

We proudly meet and exceed regulatory and accreditation standards set by relevant Queensland education bodies, as well as following all Federal Government guidelines. In addition, Cairns Adventist College is an active member of Independent Schools Queensland (ISQ).

The Principal, Mr. Adam Coe, is enjoying being the new Principal of Cairns Adventist College. He, in conjunction with the School Advisory Council, are responsible for the local administration of the College, as delegated by the company Board. The School Advisory Council comprises nine members, approved by the Seventh-day Adventist Schools (Northern Australia) Ltd. Board of Directors, and typically meets twice each term.

Cairns Adventist College is proudly owned and operated by Seventh-day Adventist Schools (Northern Australia) Ltd, an organisation of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church.